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Helping you find or sell a home in the best New Jersey towns.

Tell Me About You

Please complete this questionnaire so I can be an effective agent for you. Send it to me by fax or email, or call me and I’ll take your answers over the phone. To print out form, click this PDF – Tell Me About You.

1. What’s the best way for me to communicate with you: by e-mail? by phone or text message? Please provide.

2. Which towns/neighborhoods do you like?

3. Who will be living in your new home?

4. If you have children, what are their ages? What kind of activities would you like them to have access to?

5. What kinds of schools are you looking for?

6. What is your time frame? When do you want to move in?

7. Is a “walk to town” location important to you?

8. Where will you and your spouse or partner be working? Do you want to be within walking distance of a train or bus? What kind of a commute to NYC or elsewhere do you need?

9. Are there any special needs I should know about relating to your choice of a home?

10. Do you need to sell a house before you can buy?

11. What are your style preferences in the home you are looking for? (Colonial, craftsman, modern, etc?) Is a certain kind of yard important?

12. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

13. How many years do you expect to live in your next home?

14. What features of a home are important to you?

15. What is your price range? (New buyers please visit my new buyer page if you are not sure.)

16.Have you spoken to a lender about a mortgage?

17. What can I do to make this a good experience for you?


I was born and raised in New York City. Every Sunday, we walked from our neighborhood near the U.N. to the Museum of Modern Art. Undoubtedly, this influenced my love for walkable places. But it also influenced me in other ways. My dad, an engineer, loved art, and we… MORE >>

From my blog:

Get Healthy: Run Your Errands in a Walkable Suburb

I live about a mile from the drug store. A post office and a Starbucks are across the street. One block north is one of my favorite gift shops. When I walk “uptown” to run some errands, it absolutely takes more time than if I drive. But the experience is … read full post >>

 -- July 28, 2016