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Helping you find or sell a home in the best New Jersey towns.

Verona NJ

Verona, located just to the west of Montclair, offers a small-town feeling with a fabulous town pool and a beautiful Olmstead-designed park where adults come to bike and walk, while the kids bring their fishing rods to pull sunnies out of the lake. Verona’s schools are regularly ranked highly, and the town was voted the third best place to live in the state by New Jersey Monthly magazine in 2008 (and also made the top ten in 2010). The housing stock in Verona offers lots of inventory in the $400k-$600k range—mainly charming colonials built before World War II, and lower taxes than some neighboring towns. All within a five minute drive to Montclair’s shopping and restaurants.


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I was born and raised in New York City. Every Sunday, we walked from our neighborhood near the U.N. to the Museum of Modern Art. Undoubtedly, this influenced my love for walkable places. But it also influenced me in other ways. My dad, an engineer, loved art, and we… MORE >>

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Montclair Fireworks and Footpaths

I love fireworks. My mother grew up in Copenhagen near the Tivoli Gardens where there are fireworks every Saturday night. It was a source of great joy to her and I think she “infected” me because, come July 4th Weekend, there’s nothing I’d rather do than sit back and watch … read full post >>

 -- June 29, 2016