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Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for January 2014

Glen Ridge solds Jan 2014altoschart Glen Ridge Jan 2014

Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for December 2013

Glen Ridge solds Dec 2013altoschart Glen Ridge Dec 2013

Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for November 2013

Glen Ridge solds Nov 2013altoschart Glen Ridge Nov 2013

Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for October 2013

Glen Ridge solds oct 2013altoschart Glen Ridge Oct 2013

What Will Buyers Pay For My Montclair House? Ask a Nobel Prize Winner.

nobel prizeEarlier this week, three Americans were awarded the Nobel prize for economics. According to the article I read about them in The Washington Post, their work has helped unify the theories behind asset pricing.  Although I’m not a numbers geek, one of the winners has spent years studying housing markets, so I was very interested to learn about his work.

Robert Shiller, a professor at Yale, predicted that excessive optimism about future housing prices would drive present housing prices up way beyond traditional assessments relative to rental rates. This is exactly what happened in much of the U.S. during the mid-2000s. He also predicted that these irrational housing markets would be followed by a period of unusually low returns, or, to put it in lay terms, the housing bubble would burst. Again, he was correct.

With the nationwide housing bubble gone, and prices in Montclair and Glen Ridge quickly on the rise, it won’t be long before we see evidence of Shiller’s theory again.  Because homes in the best suburbs of New York City will always be sought after, buyers are feeling confident about competing in multiple offer scenarios.  This is what Shiller calls “irrational exuberance”– the belief that prices will continue to rise indefinitely, so the house can later be sold for even more money. Have we reached this point yet? -I don’t know but in the last couple of  weeks, several homes have sold in multiple bids – some with as many as 7 or 8 offers.  I wonder what Robert Shiller would have to say about that.


A Great Value in Glen Ridge: 8 Hathaway Place

8 Hathaway PlaceGood news for prospective buyers looking for homes in Glen Ridge: I have a new listing for a great house at a great price. 8 Hathaway Place is a very pretty four-bedroom Colonial in the north end of town. This home has all the charming architectural details one would expect from a home built in 1920, but it also has modern conveniences such as central air-conditioning, an open floor plan  and a finished rec room in the basement. Hathaway Place is a not a through street so this house offers a low-traffic location. It is available for $499,000.

8 Hathaway Place is also ideally located for commuters: it is walking distance to both bus and train service to New York City. The town of Glen Ridge boasts an excellent school district; New Jersey Monthly last year ranked its high school 12th overall out of 328 public high schools surveyed.  The town is also known for its charming gas lamps on every street corner. So if a lovely home at a reasonable price in a charming town with great schools appeals to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’d love to show it to you or join me at our open house Sunday 10/13 from 2 to 4pm.

Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for September 2013

Glen Ridge solds Sept 2013altoschart Glen Ridge Sept 2013

Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for July 2013

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Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for June 2013

Glen Ridge solds June 2013altoschart Glen Ridge June 2013

Glen Ridge NJ Real Estate Sales Report for May 2013

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